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Event planning outside of your wheel-house?  Or you just don't have the time? Along with all of your daily, weekly, monthly tasks and that MASSIVE To-Do list – now an event with huge goals has been added to your already full plate. Let Kim Ruggles Events help!  We can customize every component of the event to enhance the overall experience for your guests, so you can focus on your tasks.  AND after the event..... the boss will give you that high five and you can give that ‘it’s-no-big-deal’ shrug.  

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Kim Ruggles Events helps you in all facets of event planning, from creating a vision, realistic budget and action plan that suits your needs to sourcing and contracting the event vendors. There is an active, hands-on role during your event, overseeing the setup, vendor management, entertainment and cleanup, to ensuring a seamless experience so you can relax and enjoy the festivities.



Your target customer is continually bombarded by television, print, radio and digital advertisements. Skillfully designed and executed events can help you stand out. No ad can compare to putting your product in the hands of your target customers and providing them an opportunity to interact with your team members. Corporate events positively reinforce your brand, generate word-of-mouth excitement and get you noticed by the media.



Starting your own business is a major accomplishment and a real labor of love. A well-planned event should be an integral part of marketing your new business and building a following. Introduce your product and engage your audience with an elegant and buzz-worthy grand opening. Kim Ruggles Events will work with you to maximize your exposure while throwing a bash you won’t soon forget!


Years of research and work, and you are ready to bring your new product to market. Kim Ruggles Events provide a unique platform to unveil your product. Our events can help you increase visibility, build brand awareness and customer loyalty, and ultimately, drive sales to boost your bottom line.


It can cost a company five times more to acquire new customers than it does to keep the customers you already have. An effective and forward-thinking customer retention plan includes appreciation events to celebrate and reward your most loyal clientele. Kim Ruggles Events will work with your staff to provide a unique event that truly showcases the personality of your company.



Happy employees—those who sell your products, fulfill orders and keep clients satisfied—help make your company successful and are your most valuable resource. Show your gratitude by hosting that summer picnic, holiday party or company milestone event. Let us create an event that is tailored to your needs and budget and will keep your internal customers happy.



Producing a film or television show can test your determination and willpower. It takes months, if not years, of thankless work to bring your vision to the screen, including countless hours in planning, drawn-out days on set, and late nights in post-production. Now it’s time to distribute your creation and generate excitement. Kim Ruggles Events can help create buzz for your project, get the press or investment exposure you want and ultimately drive sales at the box office.



With the hard work behind you, it’s time to celebrate and kick back. Kim Ruggles Events can give your dedicated cast and crew a much-deserved break, creating the perfect space to unwind, let out steam, and retell those knee-slapping OMG moments from the set.



Make a splash and unveil your passion project with a big extravaganza. Premiere and red carpet events are all about building online and word-of-mouth chatter and grabbing the media’s attention. Kim Ruggles Events will help you create the right kind of impression, gaining maximum press exposure and driving more traffic to the box office.


Kim went above and beyond to ensure that our event would be a success. Her attention to detail, dedication, calm demeanor, and impressive pre-event organizational skills make her such a pleasure to work with and a true party planning asset.
— Chiara B.

event planning guides

Event planning is not as simple as putting a table in the middle of a room with food & beverage and blasting toons from your Beats. That doesn’t cut-it anymore, you need to WOW people to get their attention.  Here are some great event planning guides (with more to come) to set you on track to plan, coordinate and host a successful event.  I want to be VERY clear, these guides provide great tools and information but you and your team need to put in the work to achieve your goals and create a successful event.  Click here to learn more.

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8 Steps to Plan a Grand Opening

The time has finally come, you are ready to open (or re-open) your new store or office and the public needs to know you have arrived.  This can’t be treated like another checkbox on your MASSIVE to-do list.  You have one shot at a grand opening and it must count.

  • Where do you start?
  • Who do you contact?
  • What do you ask them?
  • How much is this going to cost?

Well this guide costs $49.99......the event is going to cost much more.

Here is the first 5 pages of the guide.




Coming soon to a computer near you.....

How to Plan a Movie Premiere (August 2016)

How to Plan a Holiday Party (October 2016)

How to Plan a Product Launch (January 2017)







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