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This year was such a great day from load-in to tear-down. Every one of you contributed to a succesful event and we’re so grateful. Here are some photos of the day, enjoy.

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General EVENT Info

Event Date:  Saturday, August 10, 2019

Event Ticket Times:  2:00 - 6:00 pm

  • VIP Ticket Times 2:00-6:00 pm

  • General Admission Ticket Times 3:00 - 6:00 pm

Location:  MBS Media Campus - New York Street (1600 Rosecrans Ave., Manhattan Beach)

Expected Attendees: 500 - 550


More info on Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce




MB Chamber has decided to Go Green along with the NEW City of MB environmental sustainability efforts. This includes below, we hope you can assist us in these green initiatives.

  • Hosting the event at a solar powered venue

  • Reduce single use eating utensils - we ask food providers to provide handheld bite-sized options (if possible)

  • Go paperless - we ask vendors to reduce the amount of paper marketing collateral they bring to the event above and beyond the count of guests, we will provide the count the week of event

  • There will be trash and recycle bins at each food & beverage station, as well as, around the event space. We will provide properly marked trash and recycling containers, we ask vendors to help us with properly disposing of their trash



Day of Event Schedule

6:30 - 11:00am Rental Load-in

11:30 – 1:00pm Food, Sponsor and Other Vendor Load In

12:00 – 1:00pm Beverage Vendor Load In



1:45pm Set-up Complete

2:00pm Event Begins - VIP Ticket Holders Arrive

3:00pm General Admission Ticket Holders Arrive

6:00pm Event Concludes (No early breakdown)

6:15pm Event Breakdown




Getting to MBS Media Campus - New York Street

MBS Media Campus (1600 Rosecrans Ave., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266)

* To get directions, use the link and add the starting point

Please print and put this Parking Voucher on to the drivers side of dashboard to get you through security faster.


Once you arrive to campus, give your name to the security guard at the gate.

After leaving the gate turn LEFT and then another immediate LEFT to drive behind the stages (event staff in blue t-shirts will direct cars).

Your going to drive around a boatload of semi’s and trailers and find another smiling Event Staffer who will direct you to your booth space to unload your goods.

Due to the tightness of our driving path, all traffic will move one way.

After unloading the vehicles, continue on the same path, directed by smiling Event Staff to drive towards the parking structure, which is near the gate used to enter the campus (follow the yellow arrows on this map).

MBS Map for Load-in.png



  • Loading Help: A limited number of volunteers will be available to help make the load-in process as smooth and efficient as possible. Please bring your own staff to help carry equipment and set up your table.

  • Vendor Parking: Immediately after unloading your cars, please maintain the same driving path towards the parking structure (see direction flow on previous pages map).  ALL CARS must be removed from the venue space and parked in the parking structure no later than 1:15pm (as some guests will arrive early).

  • Bring Your Dollies.  If your goods can fit on a dolly and roll to your vendor space.  Then save yourself the hassle of driving around the event space.  Park in the parking structure, bring your dolly into the elevator and roll on down to us.

  • Vendor Staff - each vendor staff member will get a wristband as identification to work the event and get food/beverage during the event.  This is not a free ticket for anyone, this is for people working the event.

  • When to load: Vendor tables will be ready for load-in at 11:30am (no earlier). While the actual hours of the event are from 2:00 – 6:00pm, attendees may arrive early.  We recommend you arrive on time to have your table set up by 1:45pm.


BEVERAGE  VENDOR - 12:00 - 1:00pm


  • Tying decorations on to plants, trees or structure is not permitted.  All decorations must be on table or free standing.

  • Electricity: There is limited electricity, please notify us immediately if your require          electricity needs are will exceed normal usage (more than 3-5 amps).



  • Branded Tasting cup to all guests

  • (2) 6’ Tbl w/ Linen for Food Vendors

  • (1) 6’ Tbl w/ Linen for Beverage/Sponsors/Other Vendors

  • (2) chairs for Sponsor/Other Vendors

  • Small sign

  • Shared Trash can w/ extra liners

  • Ice

  • Electricity (if requested)

  • Shading - either umbrella/tent


  • Food and Beverage samples

  • Staffing

  • Table decor

  • Serving utensils, trays, etc.

  • Cooking? Any food vendor cooking MUST supply their own fire extinguisher (if necessary you can rent it from our rental company).

  • Serving containers, plates, napkins, eating utensils


during event

Helpful Tips for Event

  • Staffing for your area - we suggest a minimum of one (1) staff member and no more than four (4), BUT 2-3 staffers works perfectly.

  • MBS Media Campus grounds has tendency to get hot during the afternoon.  We highly recommend dressing with the heat in mind.  Don’t forget sunscreen.

  • MBS has decent cellular, but DO NOT count on Wi-Fi access.

  • You will have the opportunity to interact with 500 - 550 event attendees, make sure you brand properly and a way to capture contact information.

  • Walk around the event grounds and introduce yourself to other vendors, you never know what type of business relationships can develop.

  • Color/Vibrancy - colorful displays like flowers or props draw eyes to your table and can spark conversation. Check out photos from past years for ideas.

During Event

It is expected each table space will be maintained for all four (4) hours of the event, please make  certain there is someone at the table at all times to welcome attendees.  If you’re alone and need a bathroom break, ask a volunteer (in the fabulous blue t-shirt) to help you out.

Information: Manhattan Beach Chamber will have a table at the check-in area, as well as volunteers/staff members floating throughout the venue to cater to any issues or questions you may have.

tear down


  • The event ends at 6:00pm; please do not tear down your table early.

  • Take your time to make sure that you do not forget anything, break anything, or injure yourself during tear down.  We are not responsible for items left behind...especially if its really good food, beer or wine

  • All vendors are responsible for ensuring that all trash is removed from table space, and boxes are broken down and put in the trash or recycle bins at every single booth space.

  • Please put your trash or recycle bins nearest your table.

Load Out

  • We will use the same driving path as load-in.  Re-enter the alley behind the stages as you did when arriving to the venue.  Event staff and volunteers will be available to help direct and load cars quickly & safely.

  • Before departing, do one last spot check to make certain nothing was forgotten.  Manhattan Beach Chamber is not responsible for lost/left items.

publicity & marketing

Bite at the Beach and participating vendors are promoted in multiple formats to enhance the event and elevate your visibility.


Print/Online Promotion

Bite at the Beach will be covered in print & online publications by the Daily Breeze and SouthBay 360 radio show.

Online Promotion

Each vendor name will be listed on the event website, as well as event eBlasts to Manhattan Beach Chamber email list of over 9,500 subscribers (28-32% open rate).

Social Media Promotions

We are promoting the event & your company through Facebook & Instagram. We would greatly appreciate reposts & retweets to help spread the word. Please use @BiteAtTheBeachMB and #BiteAtTheBeach

Bite at the Beach Social Media Kit

If you would like to post on your social media account to help us bring in more guests and therefore providing you more exposure below are downloads of artwork and copy for the post in the Media Kit.

Facebook Artwork Instagram Artwork Twitter Artwork Media Kit (copy)

 Again, thank you for your participation in the Manhattan Beach Chamber’s 6th Annual Bite at the Beach. We look forward to working with you to create an exceptional event.


event site layout

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