5 Ways to Boost Event Attendance

Marketing for Event

Years ago I attended this corporate event that seemed like it was going to be amazing!  It was held at this venue that just completed a renovation which was why I really wanted to go (come on I’m an event planner and always looking for great venues).  

Got all dressed up, wore a new dress with my favorite heels and walked into an almost-empty venue.

I thought, okay I’m usually the early arrival I’ll wait around for 30 minutes until people arrive.

The space was beautifully decorated and the food looked and tasted amazing (didn’t eat all of it because I’m vegetarian).  After 45 minutes, a glass of red and some small talk with the few other guests I left completely bummed…..the event was a dud.


Needless to say you can’t just “build it and they will come.”  Marketing an event is one of the highest priorities for corporate events.  It's not just to increase attendee count, but to provide the best brand exposure for the sponsors/partners/supporters of the event.

Try one or all of the below tips to boost attendance at your next corporate event.

#1 - Gamification.

Gamify the event with an app. Have guests play a scavenger hunt to find the event location or find a hidden token that can be redeemed at the party for a free product/prize.

#2 - Involve a local charity.

The charity can cross-promote to bring a lot more people to the event while rallying the community’s passion. Plus this connects your company to a good cause.

#3 - Online Contests.

Host a photo, video or voting contest on social media platforms, they are relatively easy to enter (anyone with Instagram and a few spare seconds can submit). This also provides you with a great form of user-generated content that can be reused and implemented elsewhere.

#4 - Prize drawings.

Promote on social media “the first 50 people through the door will receive ________.” Guests will arrive earlier, plus it will create buzz and get people excited. Make certain the prize is good and not a coupon for a Slurpee.

#5 - Sidewalk Art.

Think about how people walk with head tilted down looking at their smartphone. Sidewalk art will be in their peripheral and a great way to make them look up….or actually to the side.

Whatever your corporate event is PLEASE make sure to do the following:

  • Start promoting early (1-2 months is best)

  • Host the event on a day & time that is best for the target guests

  • Make sure the venue is easy to get to and there is sufficient parking (just make sure it’s a venue people feel safe getting to - that’s another story for another post)

Excited to start promoting the event?  Have fun and get creative.

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