6 Fun Holiday Party Themes

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Remember back to when you were a kid and counting down the 25 days to Christmas with an advent calendar that gave small chocolate treats.

Now it seems like we are counting down the 90 days to Christmas with Halloween and Christmas decor on the store shelves at the same time.

Given that retailers are doing some serious pre-planning for the holidays, so must companies start planning for their company holiday party in whatever form that may take.  These events don’t have to be large and they don’t have to include alcohol if your concerned about liability (and everyone is in the U.S.).

Below are 6 themes you can use for any size party and some have a charitable piece to spread the cheer.

1. Tree Trimming Party.  

Yes, I’m going way back to a semi-old tradition.

This would be perfect for a luncheon holiday party in the office.  Purchase a christmas tree from a charity and place it as the centerpiece for the event.  Ask employees to bring an ornament or better yet set-up an ornament making station at the party for all to decorate.

Hire a caterer to provide a simple lunch or go big with food stations (i.e. sushi rolling station, carving stations to make their own gourmet sandwich, cookie decorating station, etc.).  A self serve craft soda station could be a lot of fun too.

Create a free flowing event space so people can walk around and mingle. The days of sitting down and talking to the same people the whole party is over - people like to be mobile.

Feeling charitable?  Donate (and deliver) the tree and ornaments to a local shelter or hospital to cheer up those in need or sick.

2. 12 Tastes of the Holidays.

If your staff is big into the Food Network, why not make food the central point of the event.

Famous Chef Jose Andres has served a 22-course meal paired with beverages at his restaurant Bazaar, let’s cut this down to 12.  Don’t freak, this is not large portions they are only tastes (1-2 bites each) so the 12 courses is manageable to consume.

Focus the menu around a specific ingredient like truffles or herb like rosemary.

How to execute?  You can go easy and hire a caterer to cook and serve OR have employees create and cook the individual dishes for all.

Keep the beverages simple with wine, beer and soda.

3. White Christmas.

If your looking for an elegant night, consider a White Party.  Ask guests to dress in all white and serve white-ish food and white/clear beverages.  Spruce it up even more and make it cocktail or formal attire.

Add in gold and silver decor to punch up the glamour of the evening.

4. Holidays in Atlantic City (‘cause Vegas has been done)

Bring in a casino company to play games, but don’t stop there;  add in the fun of the boardwalk with arcade games, skee ball and you MUST serve salt water taffy.  

Kick it up a notch and ask caterers/bartenders to dress like characters from Boardwalk Empire, serving moonshine and decorate the venue like a speakeasy or hold the event in a basement/secret location.

Great entertainment would be a live jazz band and then finish off the night with a DJ.

5. Nightmare Before Christmas Theme

The holidays don’t have to be cookie-cutter (pun intended). Make this celebration Tim Burton-esque and spooky by asking guests to dress in Halloween costumes and/or rag doll makeup.

The decor is simple, carve up some spooky jack-o’-lanterns, turn the lights down, add in some bales of hay and maybe a scarecrow or two.

If you have a blank white wall, project the movie (muted) on to the wall.

One other fun element, find a live band that can dress the part and perform accordingly.

6. Holiday Down-Under (reverse Christmas - beach themed)

Those on the lower hemisphere (like Australia) hold their Christmas during their summer months, so it’s beach time.  Why not do the same, especially if your in a wintry area and already have those winter blues.

Kick up the heat and decorate with sand, seashells, beach balls and maybe throw in a kids paddling pool.

Serve up some BBQ chicken or beef, corn on the cobb and finish it off with ice cream floats.

Music?  Beach Boys of course!


Feeling charitable?  Box up the remaining food for any of the above themes and take to a local food bank, shelter or food rescue. Concerned about liability; the EPA protects organization's when they donate “apparently wholesome food” in good faith to a nonprofit organization (Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act of 1996).

Any of the above themes are solid building blocks for a fun finish to the year.  Add on or scale back, just make it an event you can enjoy too.

Still concerned this won’t work for your company, contact Kim@KimRugglesEvents.com for a free consultation about your holiday party and if an event planner can help.

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