9 Fun Experiences for Summer Company Party

Company Summer Picnic

While working for my very first company they held a summer “BBQ” which I thought was the bees knees (cause it meant something other than my PB&J lunch).  

Now it wasn’t super glamorous, they kept it simple - held in the parking lot of the offices with the Inn & Out truck (burgers & french fries), yard games and an extra long lunch break.  What could be better.

These summer parties can & are very important events to help retain employees.  They are also a great way to open up dialogue between employer and employee in a much more comfortable environment.  These events can range in complexity to renting an entire amusement park, to holding a family picnic on a weekend at a park with inflatable games, to potluck luncheon on company grounds.

What it really comes down to is the appreciation the employer is showing to employees and the camaraderie between co-workers. Plus it’s some great photos to put on Facebook or Instagram.

Since your now completely convinced this is a MUST in the company summer calendar, here are 9 ways to spice up the company summer party.

  1. Take it to a local campground.  You could do this on a weekend or cut out early on Friday.  But this place already has all the fun stuff. Dining hall, activities, and at night the bonfire for the spooky scary story told by HR

  2. Movie Under the Stars.  Rent a portable screen, projector, popcorn and have everyone bring their beach chairs and blankets to watch a favorite flick on the semi-big screen. It’s a great way to end the evening.

  3. Mini Sports Tournament.  If you have a pretty active office, consider holding a mini tournament getting all of the departments to have a friendly competition.  Sports to consider: soccer/futbol (with the World Cup fever), kickball, croquet, speed racing on a tricycle through a course (this is amusing to watch) AND (if you're daring) cage dodgeball in costume….I’ve seen it and it’s awesome!!

  4. Inflatable Games.  These have come a long way and are definitely a fun AND safe option for entertaining guests.  

  5. Picnic at the Ballpark.  This country’s Past Time can be a perfect way to get the group together.  Ballparks have catering that can provide the whole set-up and all you have to do is arrive and enjoy.  AND if there isn't a major league team nearby, consider a minor league team they have great community events included with their games.

  6. Foodie Potluck.  The food network has brought out the Foodie in all of us.  The competitions on TV can be brought to you summer company.  Have a ‘cooking’ contest where everyone gets a bite and a vote for the best dish.

  7. Charitable Outing.  Want to help out those who are in need?  Organize a charitable outing with employees and a local charity.  Doing something that REALLY makes a difference can go a long way with employee satisfaction & respect for their employer.

  8. Block Party.  Consider contacting the companies on your block and in your building to do a big community summer party (and share in the cost).  The people you see in the parking lot to and from work could be a lot of fun and future friends/colleagues.

  9. Old Fashion BBQ.  Rent BBQ grills, buy burgers (& veggie burgers), hot dogs, corn on the cob and all the fixin’s and have the CEO of the company grill up the grub.

Remember this doesn’t have to be complicated it just has to be fun.  Take lot’s of photos and have tons of fun.

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