A Pretzel Wall

©Lee Salem Photography, Inc.

©Lee Salem Photography, Inc.

This one was fun!  I was working on a food and wine charity event and we were adding in a small beer garden but wanted to have something fun and interactive in this area.  Since I grew up eating pretzels, I figured beer and pretzels would do the trick.  It didn't take up too much space and people could have fun with it.

The Ingredients:

  • Section of Peg Board (8' x 6')
  • Pipe and base - we got this from the rental company and they helped to install
  • Zip Ties (large size)
  • Pegs to hold the pretzels on the wall
  • Six foot table with linen and topped from a roll of brown paper (6' x 36")
  • A tray of condiments and seasonings that can go on a pretzel
  • Black markers for writing on the brown paper

How To Do:

The peg board was installed on to the pipe and base with zip ties high enough for the table to fit just under it.  Once the peg board was installed I found colorful pegs (which were really plastic corn on the cob holders from Dollar Tree) and inserted them every 6 holes across and below, you will need to test this depending on the size of your pretzels. Then we put the table with linen and brown paper on the table.  The paper will need to be secured to the table with tape or some form of clip so it doesn't move around when people are writing on it.  One side of the table is dedicated to your tray of condiments  (make certain to put the perishable condiments in ice to keep them cool), the other side is the fun part.  We ask people to write down or share their favorite topping combination.  This is also an opportunity for guests to take photos and post on social media using the event hashtag.

How You Can Change This:

A wall of food in general is pleasing to the eye and tummy.  My inspiration from the pretzel wall came from a picture of a donut wall a friend showed me.  You can change this to bagels with bagel toppings or almost any food you can put on a stick.  Just make certain the skewer/dowel/peg fits securely in the peg hole.  It can be a grab and go food or something where people add toppings..... be the creative genius I know you are and create something entertaining and yummy.  Write down your ideas in the comments below, would love to read what you all come up with.

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