Crowd Source Decor/Entertainment

Crowd Source Decor/Entertainment

Do you remember WAY back to elementary school art class and running home after school to show your parents "the most amazing" macaroni plate art, or the painting of your dog/cat (spot-on right?), or paper mache of the globe?

So why not bring that to an event.  

Don't underestimate the joy adults get revisiting some of their favorite childhood activities. One great form of decor AND entertainment is a crowd sourced mural at the event.  Below is the recipe:


  • Ten foot wall space (minimum)
  • Surface to paint on
  • Floor Protection
  • Lighting 
  • Tables
  • Painting materials - paint, brushes, water bowls to clean brushes, paper towels/rags to dry brushes
  • "Smocks" to keep your guests clothes clean....unless they want to get dirty


Make certain there is at least ten feet wide space (to fit around 3 people; if you want more people figure 3-4 feet width per person) and have at least 5 feet of space from people passing by so the "artists" have space to create. If you are allowed to paint on the wall great.  If you need to cover the wall look into a thick adhesive to apply to the wall that peels off without damaging the wall or attach a plastic sheet to the wall (which can be rolled up afterwards).  Just make certain what ever you attach to the wall the paint will not bleed through to the wall (TEST IT).  Don't forget to protect the floor from the wall to the tables with paint materials.  There are multiple options: old carpet, tarp/velon/brown paper rolls taped to the floor.

It's important people can see what they are creating, so make certain you have a lot of lighting on the wall.  If REALLY good lighting isn't available, rent 'Work Lights' and have the rental company install the lighting against the wall on the sides but above the painters (to reduce shadows).  If the lighting is set back from the wall you risk the potential of many shadows and making it difficult for guests to see what they are painting.  Your lighting plan should minimize shadows, speak to your rental equipment person to help you with this.

Set a 6 foot tables with 'Velon Covers' about five feet back from the wall to allow space to walk around (white velon covers are ideal).  Get basic colors of paint thick enough so it won't run down the wall.  Purchase enough paint sets for 2/3 of your crowd as not everyone will paint (the paint supply company can help you estimate what is needed). Purchase 1-3 brush sizes per person painting on the wall at one time with a couple extra sets just in case (i.e. 3 people painting at one time, 5 sets of brushes should be fine). You don't have to provide them all sizes as this probably won't be a re-creation of Michelangelo's mural in the Sistine Chapel.  

Smock.  Remember in elementary school we borrowed our father's business button-down shirt and wore it backwards to paint in class?  The same thing will work for this event, you can get a bunch at Goodwill or Salvation Army just make certain to get long sleeved shirts in large and extra large and extras in case they get very "colorful" throughout the night.


  • You can have an outline already drawn on the wall for guests to follow
  • Have an artist or art school teacher present to give guests direction or help create a theme
  • Guests pull a slip of paper from a bucket on what to paint, how big it should be and where to paint it on the wall (could make for an interesting mural at the end)
  • OR let guests create anything they want with a time restriction

NOTE:  Station a person at the mural to help guests. Make certain they keep the line moving and provide a time restriction for painting.  You do not want a large line forming that may detract from the events purpose.

Hope you enjoyed this post, it brought back some fun (or funny) memories for me.  Please share your ideas for crowd sourced decor/entertainment in the comments section below. You might just spark an idea for someone else to enhance their next event.  Have a great weekend.



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