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This year's annual corporate event has to be bigger and better than past years.  Your team is creating the marketing plan and needs to decide on the biggest marketing piece that sets the stage for the event…..the invitation.  Many factors go into this decision:  quantity of invites sent, budget, who is the target demographic, how to receive RSVPs/ticket sales, etc.  BUT the most important is to know your audience and the best way to communicate with them.  Below shows great reasons to use either option.


  • More elegant and appropriate for distinguished guests

  • Does not get stuck in a spam filter

  • 3D invites: printed label on wine bottle, rolled up message in a tube of lipstick, plant seed laced printed invite, iPod pre-loaded with event information, etc.

  • More important to older generations


  • Eco friendly

  • You can send out more invitations, printed may have budget constraints

  • Guests can register or RSVP directly from the electronic invitation

  • Socially acceptable with younger generations

* However, a mix of both might be the perfect fit for your event and could help get people in the door….the main goal.

Important information to include in an invitation:

  • Overview/Mission of Event

  • Date

  • Time

  • Location - include specific room if venue has multiple rooms

  • Price of tickets (if applicable)

  • Dress/Attire - keep this simple no perplexing dress codes

  • Parking Information - costs for valet and self-parking if applicable

Bringing it Home

Printed invitations are usually not in the budget or necessary to invite friends for your house party. Below are five great electronic invitation websites other than

  • - Send up to 75 people for FREE.

  • - Why not use it since you already have it.

  • - Send up to 10 invites for FREE, then priced per event.

  • - Send up to 500 people for FREE with basic card designs (not premium). Additionally, they have the option to do printed invitations.

  • - FREE to send out basic design and send out via email, blog or Facebook. They also have an App to design on the go.

In the comments below, please add your tips and tricks regarding invitations and the best way you get people in the door. Have a great weekend.

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