Spray Cheese Art

When I was a kid, my brother and I used to do spray cheese art on crackers, it was a fun and a tasty treat.  So when I was working on the opening night of a film festival and one of the screened films had spray cheese as an element of the film I immediately thought of spray cheese art.... didn't everybody else?  Unfortunately I didn't get to do this installation, but below is how I would have done it.



  • Cans of spray cheese (the number depends on the amount of people at your event)
  • Large adhesive labels to put over the cans (this would be a branding opportunity)
  • Boxes of sturdy crackers, definitely not the thin water crackers (round and square)
  • Small clear table-top display case or a square short glass vase turned upside down 
  • Square 4' x 4' table on risers with linen that goes to the floor
  • Sign on easel with name of the station "Show Us Your Best Cheese Art" with the event hashtag
  • Top table with roll of brown paper (optional)



Cover the spray cheese cans with your branding or something funny using the adhesive labels which can be found at any office supply store.  Cover the table with a linen and keep the center open for the small table top display (people will need some inspiration).  On each side of the table create a working areas each with a tray of the crackers and cans of spray cheese.   Once they finish either they can do selfie OR have a photographer take photos of them with their spray cheese art and post on social media using the event hashtag.



Why would you want to do anything but this?  Kidding.    In the search for other spreadable foods, I came across spray Nutella which would be great on little crostini's and spray icing/frosting could be great on mini pancakes.  Just make certain the spray food is not too runny, you want it to hold it's form on whatever surface it is sprayed on to.  Please comment below on your spray food artwork ideas or snap a photo and send it my way, would love to see your creativity.

Kim RugglesComment