Why Are You Really Hosting an Event?

Why Are You Hosting an Event?  Event Goal Setting

I’m sure everyone has attended a corporate event and wondering what was the whole point, why did they invite you, was there a purpose or reason they held the event?

More than likely they did not set goals or have a good plan of action in place.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “don’t put the cart before the horse.”  Goal setting is the horse and everything else is the cart.  Goals drive corporate growth and event goals are like mini goals to achieve your company’s overall growth – it guides you along the journey and keeps you on the road towards success.  Let’s dive deeper into creating event goals.

Below are examples of measurable goals AND every goal should be measurable:

  • Goal of 500 attendees at the event

  • Goal of specific attendees - host 200 current clients and 100 qualified prospects (people interested & capable of buying) at the event

  • Major publications attend and cover the event in their publication, podcast, news channel

  • Secure 10 meetings with qualified prospects by end of event

  • Sell $_____ of product/services during the event

  • Increase Instagram followers from 2,000 to 3,000 during the event marketing process (i.e. increase followers from the beginning of event marketing campaign to a week after event)

Let’s use the example of increasing social media following (since that seems to be the biggest goal these days) to devise a plan to achieve the measurable goal.

Goal: Improve Instagram (IG) followers from 2,000 – 3,000 by one week after event

Projects include:

  • Host a contest if they mention & tag your company in a post they get a ticket to the event

  • All people that attend the event must follow your company

  • Social media handles and hashtags should be on signage, selfie stations, photobooth at the event

  • For a free sample of your product they must mention you in a post

When put together, these action items can help you achieve the measurable goal.

 These ARE NOT measurable goals:

  • Throwing the biggest-baddest party in town

  • “Just want people to have fun”

  • We want a celebrity to attend (unless they are an influencer that can help increase your followers and grow your brand)

IMPORTANT: Goals can be whatever you need, but they must drive how you plan the event.

Now that you have decided on your event goal; the next step is to define one to three event elements to help achieve your goal.  These are the things you feel MUST be in an event to achieve this outcome.

Using the above goal, choose one to three event elements where you would spend time and money to help achieve the measurable goal:

  • Advertising/Marketing.  Social Media Ads to promote the event

  • Décor.  Flower wall with your hashtag in flowers, guests will take tons of photos in front of this

  • Entertainment.  Celebrity DJ that has a major influence and a draw for guests to attend

Once you set these goals, STICK TO THEM.  It also helps with those last minute “really awesome idea” people decide to tell you one week out from the event (plus it makes it easier to say no if it doesn’t fit the goal).

Now spend 20 – 45 minutes to decide on your event goals.  It’s time well spent that will save you hours in the planning process (and probably money too).

Kim RugglesComment