Winter Wonderland Photo Booth

Photo by John D. Russell Photography

Photo by John D. Russell Photography

What do you remember most about the last event you attended - the pretty linens on the tables, great tray passed canapés, the dessert bar?  Probably not.  What you more than likely remember is the fun you had with your friends AND oh yeah, there's a photo of the fun on your phone (AKA a photo booth).

Photo booth (or photo scene as I like to call it) is a fantastic form of entertainment at events. The majority of people like to take photos and if you add in some props or a fun background it can be down-right entertaining for those in the photos and those watching.   Above is an image of a set I did for a holiday party and below is how I did it.


  • Printed backdrop (I purchased the image from stock image website and had a printer create the backdrop - pricing for the printing is between $4 - $6 per square foot).  You can either have 'Pockets' or grommets added to the backdrop which is how you will secure it onto the frame.  Pockets provides a cleaner look.

  • Pipe and base - this is your frame to hold up the backdrop (normally 8' W x 8' H works, if you want larger amount of people in the photo go for 10 W ' x 8' H)

  • White sleigh - this you can find at a prop house you could rent

  • Birch Tree or Scrub Oak (5' - 8' tall) mounted on to a platform and painted white - these you can probably rent from a prop house too

  • White carpet - get from a regular rental equipment company

  • Fake snow roll

  • Faux snow flakes

  • Extra white linens - to use on the floor to create a faux snowy hill (if necessary)

  • 6 foot table topped with white linen - used for any props & ladies to place their handbags while taking photos


This photo scene was created inside a tent with white draped walls, you don't need to do this but you do need to place the photo booth in a location with great lighting or has access to electricity to add lighting.

First set-up the pipe and base on the floor, then unroll the backdrop and slide the poles in the pockets or connect to the poles using the grommets (your rental company could help you with this).  Once it is all connected, then raise the back drop & frame into place....kind of like raising a barn, but not really. Make certain your bases are secure and the backdrop won't fall down on people, if not, rent sand bags to keep it all in place.

Next bring in the sleigh and trees.  Once they are in place use the fake snow rolls to cover the bases.  Additionally you can start adding in layers to create mini hills that you will cover with the fake snow rolls as well.  In the above photo you cannot see the mini hills, but they were created with empty boxes, plastic wrap, packaging materials and anything else we could get our hands on (leave it to event planners to make something out of "trash").

Next we used the faux snow flakes to sprinkle onto the trees and around the bases of the trees. We also created fake snow balls (with styrofoam balls and spray adhesive) as one of the props for the photo scene....snowball fight anyone?

Finally set-up the photography equipment and bring in the prop table.  


You can make this photo scene a little cheaper by using your own winter equipment:  red circular sleds, long sled to get more people in it, skis, and other winter sport equipment.  You can forgo the white painted trees and get a small Christmas tree and then use it at home.  

Thank you for reading this post, please let me know below if you have other changes that would enhance this photo scene.  Have a great week.


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